Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So, I'm recently divorced, after having been married for nearly 12 years.  We were separated for about a year and a half during the negotiations.  Anyway, long story short, I've been off the regular dating circuit for about 14 years.  And, boy, have things changed.  I've got several divorced friends, and some not yet taken the plunge singleton friends as well.  And, it seems, the thing to do these days is online dating.

Now, online dating, of course, was around before I got married, as my dear roommate actually met her husband online longer ago than 14 years.    They're still married, by the way.  But, I had never done it.  And now I know why.

My friends, the online dating scene is fraught with peril.  More peril than is to be found in the realspace dating scene, I am thinking. I suppose it stands to reason, there are a lot of people in one space all after (sort of) the same thing.  It's not like Walmart, where there are lots of people, and many of them may be after dates, or whatever, but the difference is, you don't all KNOW it.

So, being a bit wary anyhow, after a bit of convincing, I went ahead and signed up for a dating site.  Now, as many of you know, I'm LDS (Mormon) and I have certain standards I like to uphold in my personal life.  I figured the safest way to be sure that others would know I stuck to certain standards would be to sign up for a dating site that caters to Mormons.  So I did.

Oh, dear heaven above.

Based on my experience so far (just over a week), a Mormon geared dating site is just a dating site where you troll for sex within your own "belief system".  Ok, I exaggerate.  A smidge.  But have I got some stories for you.

I thought it might be entertaining and informative (HA) to chronicle my experiences in online dating here. Because, they are pretty damn hilarious.  Also, occasionally sickening, but mostly hilarious.  Please, feel free to add your dating stories to the mix.  This should be an educational experience.


  1. Awe hell...this is going to be great. I can tell.

  2. We have a friend who apparently has the worst possible luck with dating, online and otherwise. She is going through divorce number two after bizarre issues each time too. Our "favorite" is her story of a blind date who was taking her to a party. Simple enough, right? When she was really needed to leave (get home for the sitter) she couldn't find her date. After some searching she finally found him -- literally screwing another girl! Needless to say, she slipped out and called a taxi. Gosh, there are a lot of crazies out there! I'd love to read your hilarious stories, but at the same time I hope you stay free of the worst of them!